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Afghan Community & Welfare Centre

Afghan Community & Welfare Centre is based in Walsall established in 2007 to help and support newly arrived migrant families, living in West Midlands, we are a non-profitable organization and registered charity.

We also support and provide assistance to local communities, asylum seekers, refugees and migrants communities mainly to members of the Afghan community. We hope that our services and activities will help our clients integrate into British society whilst conserving their own cultural identity through the services and cultural events that we offer. As a community we want to be actively engaged in every aspect of life and positively integrate in the society.

Our aim is to promote the welfare and benefit of the Afghan Community in the area and also to encourage and promote community cohesion and integration. There are a number of activities on offer including advice and information, interpretation and translation to all those who is in need irrespective of their creed, spiritual and political beliefs or their social background.

Fahim Zazai



Shams Haqyar
Technology Officer




Community Drop-in and information

Community Drop-in and information surgeries are a regular service provided by the Afghan Community & Welfare Centre, where practical help and on-going support and assistance is offered free of charge to all clients. Information is provided on a range of issues including welfare benefits, education, childcare, health and immigration as well as information about other community and council projects.


Afghan families resettlements support services

We continue supporting the Afghan families coming to the UK through the government ARAP and ACRS schemes, there is has been increased demand for housing from many families wanted to move to the midlands especially in Walsall, We provide directly support over 20 families in Walsall 12 of them accommodated by us through private landlords.


Holiday activities and food programme (HAF)

We have successfully delivered the bespoke HAF for children from newly arrived families during the Easter, summer and Christmas school holidays.  HAF is a free and exciting holiday programme for children and young people who are aged 5 to 16 eligible for benefit-related free school meals, HAF is funded by department for education through local authority.


Weekly community social gathering

Our weekly community social gathering has been very effective bringing people together over a meal discussing ideas and issues facing the community also provide educational sessions and activities, as well as bringing together newly arrived and existed members of the community sharing their experience and to organise support, the gathering is not only to make new friends but also opportunity for people to integrate and engage in the wider society.



Afghan CWC has a strong commitment to community development, social justice and empowerment with the primary aim to identify and address barriers to cultural inclusion and social and economic participation for our members. We celebrate cultural diversity and engages its constituency and the wider community to share and exchange cultural experience.


Pashto and Dari Classes

We provide a free Sunday school, where we offer Pashtu and Dari (beginners, intermediate level) classes for children and young people between the ages of 4 to 19.

Our aim is to keep the Pashtu and Dari language alive and vibrant amongst young people, especially those of Afghan heritage.

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