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The Afghan Community & Welfare Centre is a registered charity and non-profit organization located in Walsall Since our establishment in 2007, we have been dedicated to providing support and assistance to newly arrived migrant families residing in the West Midlands. Our unwavering commitment to our mission is reflected in the resources and aid we offer to those in need.

Our organization is committed to providing support and assistance to local communities, asylum seekers, refugees, and migrant communities, with a special emphasis on members of the Afghan community. We firmly believe that our services and activities can facilitate the integration of our clients into British society while also preserving their cultural identity through the services and cultural events that we offer. As a community, we are dedicated to actively engaging in all aspects of life and positively contributing to society.

We are committed  to promote the welfare and benefit of the Afghan Community in the area! Our goal is to encourage and promote community cohesion and integration through a variety of exciting activities, including providing advice and information, interpretation, and translation services. We are passionate about serving all those in need, regardless of their creed, spiritual and political beliefs, or social background.

Our Aim

  • To provide a comprehensive advice and referral service for Afghans particularly in the fields of immigration, health, welfare benefits and housing. 

  • To promote education amongst the Afghan community, particularly through provision of language classes and a library. 

  • To encourage adult education, increase access to employment and enable them to gain confidence by providing language courses and information technology training.

  • To provide leisure and recreation opportunities to members of the community.

  • To improve the social, cultural and religious lives of the our community by organizing cultural and religious events.

  •  To detract the Afghan youth from crime by providing social, cultural and educational activities for them.


Get involved

There are many ways you can support us. You can become a volunteer helping us with specific campaigns, fundraising and projects. You could join our board and have a say in the future development of the organization. If you want to be part of our team to support the local community and make a difference please contact us.

Our Partners  

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